Cameron Park TKD

3181 #103 Cameron Park Drive
Cameron Park, CA 95862
(530) 676-0366



Foothill TKD

1319 Broadway
Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 344-8400


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    Weapons Schedule

    Cameron Park TKD


    6:30-7:00 pm Weapons

    Foothill TKD


    6:30-7:00 pm Weapons Beg.
    6:45-7:15 pm Weapons Adv.

    • Closed all major State/Federal Holidays and for Designated Tournaments

    • Adjustments to Class Assignments are at discretion of Chief Instructor

    • Always check the "white board" for all types of current information


    In our weapons program, students learn the proper handling and use of various weapons, integrating this knowledge with their forms. Students will progress to the next level and new weapons upon successful testing and demonstration of techniques learned at their current level.

    Program Levels

         White level - Bo Jitsu & Roycechucka

         Orange level - Bo Short Form & Single Kama

         Yellow level - Short Form Nunchucka & Korean 1 (Bo)

         Green level - Double Kama & Review of White level forms

         Purple level - Korean 2 (Bo) & Sai Form

         Blue level - Nidon (nunchucka)

         Brown level - Kung Fu Sword & Review Orange, Yellow, and Green levels

         Red level - Double Nunchucka & Self-Created form

    Black Belt Testing - Demonstrate proficiency of all weapons forms before review panel and submission of one page paper on the history and knowledge of the weapon used in Self-Created form.