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February Tournament Hosted By Foothill TKD - 2/20/2016


Black Belt Pre-test Workouts


Black Belt Pre - Test -Feb. 13th @ AFTKD


Black Belt Testing March 18th @ Cameron Park CSD 2:00pm






Championship Workouts

Check Workouts Page for dates/times



Black Belt Club





Cameron Park TKD

3181 #103 Cameron Park Drive
Cameron Park, CA 95862
(530) 676-0366



Foothill TKD

1319 Broadway
Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 344-8400


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    Tenets of Taekwondo


    One must be courteous both in class and in their personal life. Courtesy is an action symbolizing respect. The person without courtesy has no respect for others and without respect for others, there is no respect for oneself. With no self respect, true achievement in life is impossible. The practice of courtesy leads to respect and is therefore highly valued.


    Integrity is honesty. A person must have honesty to others and oneself in order to achieve anything worthwhile in their life. A facet of integrity is loyalty to oneself, family, principles, friends, associates and their country.


    Perfection of self is a universal value and in Taekwondo, we must persevere through physical, mental and spiritual trials to attain our personal improvement.

    Self Control

    Controlled power is useful, power out of control is destructive. One must control and direct energies to some benefit or face the consequences of the destruction caused by the lack of control.

    Indomitable Spirit

    This is the moral strength to do what is necessary and right regardless of consequence. Persons with this spirit have changed the world.

    Welcome to Cameron Park and Foothill Taekwondo.

    Cameron Park and Foothill Taekwondo are owned and operated by Mr. Bob Westphal and Mrs. Connie Westphal, 6th degree black belts both ITC National Sparring Champions and Certified instructors 



     Parent's Get in Shape with your kids try our


    Cameron Park and Foothill Taekwondo

    2 Months for $119.00

    (Includes Uniform)

    This price good for 2 months of Summer up to 3 classes per week

    2 or More Family Members specials as well

    Call for Details

    Cameron Park  530-676-0366

    Foothill 530-344-8400

    (1st time Taekwondo Only - not good with other coupons)


    Look us up in the Cameron Park CSD & Placerville Parks and Recreation Guides


    Black Belt Testing at Cameron Park CSD

    July 25th at 2:00